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Network Services

Enginuiti provides our clients with on-site support in a pro-active manner to assure the highest level of satisfaction with your technology investment. Our approach is preventative; we monitor for growth and fluctuations of your systems; and assist when upgrades and updates are required. Enginuiti now offers on-site managed services. We will provide a full time or part time engineer at your location and surround them with utilities to monitor your equipment.

Our Famous Four-Step Network Solution


Prior to making any recommendations, Enginuiti will have a network engineer perform an analysis of your current network. A network analysis includes evaluation of the server(s) and the accompanying operating system; evaluating the infrastructure equipment (i.e. switches, routers) and cabling. We will also visit the various protocols in use and interconnectivity to the internet and remote locations.

We have various utilities that will gather the appropriate data and to document the current settings so they are duplicated after any upgrades or changes. We will also discuss business needs such as the needs for remote access and the level of security that has been implemented. The analysis includes:

  • Evaluation of the physical environment
  • Review of hardware and software
  • Evaluation of the operating system(s) and patches
  • Identification of potential bottlenecks
  • Documentation of your current environment


An Enginuiti Network Engineer will compile the data from the analysis and design a network based upon the criteria discussed in the interview process. We will outline the necessary configuration and potential equipment changes to meet your current and future requirements. The design will also consider where the data resides and how to maximize availability of the data and other network resources. The design phase includes:

A review of the current situation
Restatement of your goals
Recommendations and scope of work
Prioritization of phases
Budget and recommended equipment


Enginuiti maintains a staff of experienced network engineers with various certifications from industry leaders such as Microsoft, Citrix, Juniper, Cisco, and more. We will assign the appropriate engineer or team to carry your project from design to implementation. Our veteran staff will plan the project with you and your staff to minimize disruption to your business.

At Enginuiti we realize that a network design is only as good as its implementation. To make sure all the equipment is delivered, tested and configured in a timely fashion, we consult with you on every step and work around your schedules to minimize disturbances. Specialized engineers in the appropriate technologies required for the project are assigned to the project. With our diverse talents on staff we are able to assist in a wide variety of different requirements. The implementation phase includes:

  • Project planning
  • Skills identifications
  • Procurement Services
  • Installation and customization
  • Testing and documentation


Enginuiti takes a proactive approach to network support. Your system changes daily – new users, OS changes, system patches, additional equipment and more.

Enginuiti offers a variety of support options to maintain the optimal performance of your network and users. The monthly checklist helps to maximize system availability and performance. We also offer a service to constantly monitor desktops and servers. This service emails a Enginuiti engineer when certain conditions arise or thresholds are exceeded.

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, we are notified of the patches and fixes that are necessary for optimizing your operating systems. Our engineers pay particular attention to your security settings at the server, OS, router and firewall.

Your Enginuiti network engineer and the entire Enginuiti team can help you apply technology to achieve your business goals. Enginuiti support options include:
Remote administration and support
Server monitoring
Service blocks
Managed resources
Advanced services

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