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Our distinctive array of services has earned us a reputation for excellence. We provide network design, network security, managed services, IT staffing, and focused products – in a very unique way. Our strategic and technical insight and proprietary system assure the correct strategy to help you achieve your business objectives – with a keen eye to cost. We design and implement best-of-breed solutions that achieve not only exceptional technical performance: they can also enhance the value of your company.


Our unique business model incorporates functional groups. These are our centers of excellence: Enginuiti Consulting Group, Enginuiti Maintenance Group, Enginuiti Managed Services Group, and Enginuiti Staffing Group. Our consulting specialists measure up to the task: you can count on them to quickly grasp the most complex issues and work with you to devise the best attainable solutions. Our tailored maintenance and managed services ensure the exceptional service you require, and our out-staffing services help you excel while you focus on your core business. In addition, our 24/7/365 Emergency Response Team will respond immediately and help you get back online after a disaster.


Our Enginuiti Design System is a definitive methodology combining technological expertise; practical experience; and an objective, interdisciplinary, and interactive approach. We view your organization in its entirety to address your fundamental business imperatives, combining our expertise with yours. With a firm grasp of your technological, functional, and operational initiatives, we tailor a best-of-breed solution to enhance value.


Our specially designed products are tailored to the requirements of many niche markets, such as hotels and apartment complexes. To tip the competitive scales in your favor, we’ve created a spectrum of highly specialized products, including Wireless ISP, Digital Ethernet, and DNS Load Balancing.


Our performance analysis tools include network analyses, security assessments, and disaster recovery planning – and help us assess your needs and design a solution within your budget. We help you define better business practices and save significant capital expenditures, as well as develop innovative applications to give you a competitive edge. In our research labs, we analyze new scenarios, evaluate alternatives, and test new solutions. And when you need it, the Enginuiti “mobile lab” comes to you for diagnostic profiling, testing, and solution demonstrations.


We have the experience, achievement history, and professional qualities you need and the knowledge, insight, and solutions you require. Realizing that personal relationships are critical to a successful partnership, we strive to become trusted advisors who give you the fresh perspectives you need.

Patrick Hardiman

Patrick Hardiman


Mr. Hardiman is the founder and driving force behind Enginuiti’s growth and evolution. After attending the Radford University, he co-founded one of the first online auto purchasing websites, and also served with Market Street Mortgage, a division of Republic Bank. As Operations Coordinator for IKON Technology Services, Mr. Hardiman directed sales and customer support activities and later, in the Systems Engineering division, coordinated maintenance and staffing services to Newbridge Networks, a division of Alcatel. His experience and ability to provide unique and cost-effective network solutions has earned him a broad base of clients in a broad range of industries.

David Workman

Operations Manager

David Workman has been an integral part of Enginuiti’s success since 2010.  He studied Decision Management Information Systems at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.  David has over 10 years of experience in the IT industry building technology solutions for large and small organizations. He has been extremely successful in the retention and acquisition of our customers helping the company grow into what it is today.  He currently serves as the Operations Manager.

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